Use case

Professional Employer Organization improved their support margins 2x

EPHY delivered scalable experiences that increases engagement and boosts productivity.
Accuracy in Responses on questions asked by HR and employees
41% time
Saved per inquiry.
Manual approvals and platforms (Salesforce, Sharepoint, ect) replaced
The problem

The PEO was not able to support more customers without also scaling  headcount and increasing costs.

The company also had challenges training new support people in a timely manner without risking quality of support and financial risk of giving incorrect answers.
EPHY’s solution

EPHY delivered solutions for previously unsolvable problems

What used to take hours, takes seconds with EPHY. Coworkers, knowledge, and Data Exploration were deployed:


EPHY’s coworkers make Cx and Sales all knowing, allowing them to respond instantly to the most complex employee inquiries on a nuanced benefits plan or customer RFP questions.


EPHY Knowledge keeps programs, policies, and knowledge articles compliant and updated without you having to do it.

Data Exploration

Get up-to-date and accurate benefit plan details, hiring/compensation/benefit benchmarks, and labor metrics from federal agencies.
Our approach

From start to fully operational in less than 6 weeks

A tried and tested implementation plan and dedicated support ensure quick turn around times.
Onboarding process

How the client went from start to finish

EPHY’s goal is to provide its customers with value day 1 and a return on investment within one quarter. This goal requires EPHY to solve problems day, such as updating policies to be compliant and consistent with benefit plans, day 1, not after an implementation cycle.

1. Pilot

Customers will use EPHY without prior knowledge to assess its effectiveness and usability for their use cases, and if satisfied, they should form a testing and implementation team.

2. Load & clean up data

Customer supplied EPHY with all necessary knowledge and customer-specific processes for configuration, collaborating with the EPHY team to enhance understanding and ensure proper execution, while also establishing administrative roles and knowledge management workflows within EPHY.

3. Build trust

The EPHY customer team will use EPHY as if fully integrated, making daily improvements for 100% accuracy. Once trust is established, they will create a roll-out plan including stakeholder management, training, feedback loops, and go/no-go decisions.

4. Roll-out

The EPHY and customer teams will work together to roll-out EPHY to relevant stakeholders and teams.

5. Maintain

Customer engagement and customer teams will work together to ensure that EPHY is working appropriately.

EPHY addresses and resolves issues that were previously unsolvable.

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