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Our company


We are a fully founders owned & funded company.

Deep Domain

The founders team has deep industry knowledge and experience at companies like Amazon, Oracle, Shopify, Jobvite and Careerbuilder.


Diverse people bring better ideas. The team works from San Francisco, Seattle, Amsterdam, Bangalore, and Mexico City.

Meet the founders

Robert Tsao
Co-Founder & CEO
Former CEO of Rival, Entelo, Jobvite.
Guido Nieuwkamp
Co-Founder & Chief Product
Start-up founder, product at Careerbuilder, Turn.  
Paris Mendez
Data Science Lead
Data Science for Governmental & High Technology 
Brian Gaspar
Co-Founder & Chief AI
Product & AI @ Amazon, Oracle, Shopify, and Careerbuilder

EPHY addresses and resolves issues that were previously unsolvable.

Join top leaders in transforming the PEO, Broker Healthcare landscape.
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Rudra Ghosh
HR Manager at Shopify