Know Where to Focus Your Limited HR Efforts

Improve HR Efficiency by up to 30% by generating, launching, and improving all your HR Programs & Policies from a single place.

Proven to increase HR's productivity

With same day deployment, this is how a large corporate benefited from EPHY:
- 50%
HR tickets now answered without human support
Reduction HR costs

Speeding and Improving Human Resources

Proprietary Human Resource small language model + customer-specific models and AI-generated programs like performance management, surfaced through natural language Copilots -> significantly enhances the operational efficiency and expertise of Human Resources, enabling you to become true business partners.

Deliver @ the Speed of Business

Ability to immediately support the business when they need it, not after they figured it out themselves and HR needs to help course correct.

Copilots Not People

Copilots not only answer employee facing questions, but also supports Human Resources in understanding how to help the business based on industry experts and up to date laws.
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EPHY takes care of 90% of the work current tech can't do

HR Coworker

HR Coworker provides immediate guidance and expertise for all functions allowing you to support your organization and generate simple to strategic programs in near real-time.

HR Program & Policies

Reduce the time to build, launch, keep current, and improve these programs to mere days instead of months, thereby enabling HR to concentrate on innovation and optimization.

Employee Coworker

Provide employees white-glove support, autonomously, on administrative, program, and policy questions that traditionally has been answered by a person, freeing up HR to focus on being a business partner.

EPHY's use cases

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“Easily the best AI search tool on the HR market, right now. We became 2x faster and more efficient after adopting HR Copilot. Love the chat function!”
Rudra Ghosh
HR Manager at Shopify