Delivering Impact

HR & HR Services companies lack formal tools for 90% of the work that they do. EPHY provides solutions, built ground up on AI, to deliver, manage, & improve leading programs and policies that make an impact by delivering higher quality services for less operational costs.
of inquiries answered without human support.
reduction in operational costs.

EPHY takes care of 90% of the work current tech can't do


Coworkers offer immediate guidance and expertise across all functions, enabling you to support your organization or customers by answering questions or developing programs, from simple to strategic, in real-time.

HR Program & Policies

Reduce the time to build, launch, update, and enhance programs from months to minutes, allowing HR and HR Services to focus on innovation and optimization.

Data Exploration

Explore EPHY, internal, and external data using natural language, reducing reliance on costly and overburdened People Analytics. This enables teams to proactively address potential challenges.

EPHY's use cases

Explore different use cases to see how you can up your HR game

Get your super powers & become a strategic necessity.

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“Easily the best AI search tool on the HR market, right now. We became 2x faster and more efficient after adopting HR Copilot. Love the chat function!”
Rudra Ghosh
HR Manager at Shopify