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AI Engine

Knowledge Management

Data exporation

Answer & Actions

Built for:
PEOs / EORs / ASOs
Healthcare & Benefit Groups
Built for:
PEOs / EORs / ASOs
Healthcare & Benefit Groups

Tackle and resolve previously unresolvable issues.

EPHY handles 90% of the work that existing products can’t handle.

Here's how:
Feature comparison

EPHY compared to other providers

Others offer chat bots, EPHY provides an end-to-end solution.


Gen AI platforms (e.g. Typeform)

Microsoft Copilot

HR / IT chatbots (e.g. Service Now, People Reign, ect)

Answer accuracy
Create New Role Based Coworkers
Custom Responses
Policy & Program + RFP Generation
AI Updates to Laws, Compliance, & Best Practices Updates
Benefit, Salary & Hiring Benchmarks
User & Organization Usage Reporting
Knowledge Lifecycle & Approvals
Employee, Sales & Customer Processes, Such as Benefit Life Events & Annual Benefit Plan Updates
Benefit Provider Directory, patient access & quoting Integration

EPHY handles all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Experience a new level of operational efficiency running your PEO, HR BPO or Health Insurance company. With EPHY managing the workload, it leaves you free to steer the ship while EPHY takes care of the rest.

Unmatched efficiency

EPHY diminishes necessary headcount and operational costs by providing solutions that automate 90% of unaddressed manual tasks.

Generate more revenue

Seize and capitalize on new revenue opportunities, such as suggesting upsells during employee benefit events and enhancing the quality and responsiveness of customer RFPs.

Fits your business

EPHY integrates with your workflow and employee facing tools like Slack and Teams.

Compliant & Current

EPHY keeps your programs and policies compliant and up to date, such as updating yearly IRS contribution limit changes, without you having to spend significant effort to do it.

EPHY is much more than just a chatbot..

Unlike traditional solutions, EPHY is designed with an AI-first approach, targeting the 90% of problems that other solutions can't solve. Meet your new coworkers:
"EPHY saves us 41% time per inquiry when responding to customers, employees or HR Managers."
Candice Wu
Customer Advocacy Sr. Director  
"EPHY kept our knowledge, programs and policies up to date and compliant without the heavy burden."
Kelly Williams
VP Operations
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EPHY addresses and resolves issues that were previously unsolvable.

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